Hi, I’m Lisa. A 30 something new mom, wife, teacher, and weight watcher trying to find a balance between losing weight and living/loving life.

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve tried this weight loss thing a time or two and found some success along the way. I’ve joined weight watchers so many times, I’ve lost count.  I wasn’t always overweight.  In fact, from my early childhood until about 19 years old I was quite thin.  Around this time, I began dealing with a number of personal issues which lead me to my drug of choice…food.  It was the best coping mechanism.  A way to dull the pain and feel numb.  You see, my mom died when I was ten and within a month or so my dad had my little sister and I moved in with a woman that we barely knew.  That very same year we picked up and left the place where we had grown up to move to Long Island with her and her children.  I had barely begun to deal with the death of my mother and now had the added layer of adjusting to a new family, a new home, new school, new friends…in short, a new life.  At ten years old, I didn’t have the capacity to deal with such change and so I bottled it up.  This worked really well until it didn’t.  Fast forward about nine years and it all came to a head.  A breakup dredged up old pains from the abandonment I had experienced when I was younger. This is probably when I can say that food became my friend foe.

Since then, I’ve snagged my dream job, fallen in love, purchased a home, gotten married, and most recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Despite all of this, there is still one thing missing.  Me.  I’ve lost me.  And so here we are.  Join me on my journey as I lose weight and find myself!