You can’t chase life in your sleep.


Yesterday, I decided to start writing in my habit and gratitude journals.  Coincidentally, last Saturday,  my Weight Watchers leader also asked us to open our weigh-in booklets and take note of the small goals section located at the top of each 4 week section (see below).


Initially, I had decided that my small goal/habit for the next 4 weeks would be to “Track, Track, Track.”  Literally, that is what I wrote.  I was content with that, until this morning when I hit snooze two too many times and was rushing to get dressed, make milk for G, lay out his clothes, throw lunches in bags, etc.

As I was driving to work, it dawned on me.  Tracking isn’t really part of my issue, at least not now.  My issue is, as I constantly mention, TIME!  I cannot track if I don’t have time. I can’t meal prep if I don’t have time.  Can’t exercise, can’t meditate, can’t relax, complete chores, play with my son, go on a date, etc, all without time.  And so the simple and complicate answer to this is to make time.

Instead of tracking, my “aha” of this morning was that my new habit needs to be waking up earlier.  If I wake up earlier, I can do so much more–my hair, my meditations, a load of laundry–or nothing at all.  But at least it will be time afforded only to me.  I think I might really appreciate this new habit and it will help me to make better use of my day.  Besides, it’s not like I fall back asleep anyway.  I most often lay there in that state between sleep and awake.  Not quite “with it” enough to think, but not relaxed enough to retire back to dreamland.

As of now, my plan is to set the alarm for 4:30 and to actually WAKE UP!

Wish me luck!

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