Lost and Found, January 2018


I haven’t lost any real weight.  In fact, I found some old pounds, lost them and then gained them again.

I’ve still lost myself, my motivation, my desire to write, or blog, or eat well or plan, etc.  I want it so badly, and yet I cannot seem to find the spark necessary to get started.  I’ve embraced the new plan, and yet, I do not want to plan.  Ironic, huh?


I am embarrassed to come on here and share my new goals, new ideas, fresh start, only to be back in the same predicament as I was before.  I wanted this blog to be motivating, and yet I cannot seem to find anything to make it just that.

I “found” Orange Theory fitness, which I actually quite enjoyed.  I joined, but then got really ill last weekend and was unable to attend.  My next scheduled class is this Saturday, so I am hoping that will help to motivate me to move a little more and eat a little less.  My plan is to attend at least two days a week for now, until I can build up my endurance.  I then may consider adding an additional day to the week.  For now, I think two days is doable and a fair goal, considering my mo is to over plan and then become discouraged when I cannot keep up.


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