Weekly Weigh In/What Worked


This week I earned a 1.6 pound loss! 

If you’ve read my previous posts, then you know there was a while where I was losing and it was totally not warranted.  It’s nice to have earned this one!

Here is what worked:

  • Tracking in my food journal (Don’t judge how much in the negative I was…I know I cannot do that all of the time and lose weight. My accomplishment this week is that I tracked every single thing that went in my mouth. Something I haven’t done in quite some time).
  • Reflecting on each meal/day (when necessary)
  • Not quitting when I had a fumble
  • Blogging






What I need to work on:

  • Making sure I am planned for the week for breakfast and lunch (Dinner is easy…I always forget about the other two when I am off from work and my days aren’t as regimented).
  • Eating throughout the day.  When I skip breakfast, I am famished later and easily go over points OR I snack/pick and use an absurd amount of points on what feels like nothing.
  • Staying closer within my points range.  Because I hadn’t planned as well as I thought I had, I went over my SmartPoints budget (by a lot) daily.  I am all for using all of your points and I did try to work on mindfulness…those damn snacks just got to me).
  • Fitting in “me” time

Goals for this week:

  • Blue dots at least four days this week (on WW, you earn a blue dot for being within -3 and +7 of your daily points target).
  • Walk with the baby at least four days this week

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