Blue Dots

IMG_0438.JPGI am a planner freak and I love writing things down. I find strange pleasure in crossing things off of my to do list, touching paper pages, etc.   It drives my husband nuts–he is a techie and very into digital calendars, lists, etc.  We are quite opposite in this respect.

This week during my meeting, we discussed ways to stay motivated that didn’t have to do with the scale.  One person shared that they loved getting stickers (for lack of a better term) from their Fitbit when they reached their step goal, walked a certain amount, etc.  Another person shared that they were really into the blue dots on their Weight Watchers app (for those of you who aren’t sure what this is referring to…if you open your app and click  journey at the bottom, you’ll see a calendar that documents whether you stayed within a certain range of your Smart Points for the day).

I was trying to complete the Blue dot challenge, but found that I would become discouraged and frustrated (part of my Type A personality I guess…more about that in another post) when I went over my range (27-37 points for me).  Sure I had the weekly points to use, but for some reason this actually hurt me rather than help me.

Instead of doing the Weight Watchers version of the Blue Dot Challenge, I’ve created my own.  One thing that I’ve been struggling with on my present journey (and frankly on my past journeys on the program) is whole heartedly tracking.  What’s interesting and funny about this is that this is the most important piece of this particular program.

As I shared in an earlier post, I had been having a lot of trouble finding my motivation and getting started again.  I made a promise to myself that June 3 would be my day of recommitment (otherwise, I wasn’t allowed to b*tch or be sad about how I looked…either do it or don’t…yes, this was the conversation that I had with myself that previous week).

Throughout the week leading up to D day, I sat and thought about what I would need to do in order to be successful.  TRACk was on the top of the list.  It’s funny the games we play with ourselves.  “Oh, I ate that and it will put me way over my points, so I won’t write it.” You still ate it, moron! So this is where I decided to start.

I decided that rather than try to get a Weight Watchers blue dot everyday, I would give myself a blue sticker in my planner for every day that I tracked–the good, the bad, the ugly.  Guess what?  It helped to keep me focused, helped me to balance my food intake (treat today, cut back tomorrow), rid me of the guilt I felt for tracking or not tracking something, and finally, helped me to lose 1.6 on Saturday.  Most importantly, I felt good about myself.

I think that one week of honest tracking was the ZAP I needed to get back into the swing of things.  I am feeling good.

And the best part…I am -26 points as of today and I don’t care what the scale says this week. I am proud that I am sticking to my goal of tracking it all!

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