Progress Update

Still riding strong on the struggle train…

I lost one pound last week, but it wasn’t warranted.  I have been half-assing my way through still, waiting for the click.  Sure, I’ve still been attending my meetings and I’ve still left each Saturday with the best intentions of having my best week, but then a holiday, or a Monday or some other BIG (read:  not big at all) event happens and I tell myself I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

My goal was to give myself this week to flounder just a little more, and then to re-commit on Saturday, June 3 with the beginning of a new month.  I feel strong in this idea now, but in the past things have always gotten in the way.  This past week, I read Oprah’s What I Know for Sure after seeing a friend post an underlined excerpt from the book.  So many of her lessons spoke to me in my journey right now and so I am hoping making this month the month that I will one day refer to as the last time restarting this journey.

I am starting this new month with positivity.  I will write more about it later, but I have a feeling that this will be the piece that I’ve been missing and that will help to make all of the pieces click.

Thanks for bearing with me on this journey.  I am sure many want to read about the positive progress, but this is the truth behind my weight loss journey and I think the truth is worth sharing.


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