WW Strawberry Napoleon

I am not one of those people who really ever loves the Weight Watchers cookbooks.  In fact, throughout the years, I have listened to leaders and fellow weight watchers brag about how delicious recipes have been from various books.  I have purchased each, eagerly cooking, shredding and baking to be disappointed by flavorless, yuck! I didn’t expect this time to be different, but I decided to purchase yet another book in hopes of being pleasantly surprised.

Pleasantly surprised I am!

I decided to try the following two recipes last night:

  • Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos with Goat Cheese
  • Strawberry Napoleon

One was better than the next!  In fact, my husband and younger sister both agreed that they like these taco better than the “regular” ground beef type.

I made one alteration to the tacos, I used flour tortillas (preference).  We also added a little sour cream, as well as some Sriracha.  I didn’t get to take any photos of those because we were hungry and they were devoured!

I did, however, stop to take some shots of the Napoleon.  While the photos aren’t pretty, they serve their purpose.  I’ll try to work on my presentation in the future 🙂

The recipe consists of crispy phyllo, creamy cool custard, and sweet, fresh strawberries.

Note:  I slightly overcooked the phyllo sheets.  Still yummy, but would definitely be better if it were a little less crispy.




You can purchase the cookbook at your local meeting location or using your weight watchers online account.  The cost is $17.95.

**The opinions stated here are strictly my own.  This post is not endorsed by Weight Watchers.

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