The Weight Loss Games


So after a week that consisted of the Super Bowl, two snacky snow days, three restaurant dinners and a partridge in a pear tree few too many salted caramels, I did not have high hopes for this Saturday’s weigh in.  In fact, I started to play the maybe I won’t go to Weight Watchers game (that so many of us play when we have what we believe is a not so great week).  I mean, heaven forbid my weigh in book show the results of a bad week and blemish my four pound loss from the week before with a big fat plus sign.

Isn’t it funny the mental games we play with ourselves–as if not weighing in would mean that I didn’t gain.  I decided that rather than do what I’ve done in the past (not go or go and not weigh in) that I would step on the scale, own whatever it said, and move beyond the scale (do you like what I did there?).

So I went to my meeting, stepped on the scale, and was astonished to see that I lost .6 pounds.  This was an undeserving loss, but I must admit that I was happy.  As I sat down in my green seat, I reminded myself that this was a fluke and not something that I could count on every time I had a slip up.  See, for me, this is important because it can lead to a slippery slope where I think that I can continuously behave this way and lose.

More importantly, it shows that the scale does not always give an accurate depiction of our week. There have been weeks where I remained in my point range, hit all of my exercise goals and had a significant gain.  And then there have been weeks like the one I just discussed.  So on my present journey, I am working on not allowing the fear of the scale to dictate my feeling of success for the week.

…Oh and, remind me of this when I’ve had a bad week 😉

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