Become the Master of your Fate


My vision for 2017… (continued from yesterday)

As my best self, I am content.  I’ve reached my goal weight which has allowed me to find a new part of myself that I didn’t know existed, or rather that I lost over the years.  I am confident, patient, and more kind.  I don’t sweat the small stuff, I live a life of purpose and exude warmth.

Physically my legs are tone, stomach flat, arms lean and strong.  I run for fun and share my passion for running with my son and husband.  I am fit. I practice yoga and even visit the studio near my home.  I am confident to go the gym and no longer worry about whether or not someone is watching me or if I look silly on a new piece of equipment.  Exercise is a part of my life.  It isn’t something that I have to do, but rather something that just gets done, naturally.

When I enter my closet, the tears have dried and in their place are pieces I actually love.  Hangers adorned with classic items from stores like J. Crew, Banana, Loft, Ann Taylor, Bloomies, Nordstrom, etc.  Blouses, dresses, sweaters, tanks, camis, slacks- all in various colors and fits- chosen because I love them and not just because they fit.  I no longer have guilt when buying clothes, nor do I need to wait to make a purchase for when I am skinnier, lose 10 pounds or reach my goal.  I am there and I am proud.

Now when I walk into a room, it’s as though I deserve to be there (and I believe it).  With each pound that I have lost, my confidence has gained. I have self confidence, but I am not conceited. I no longer slouch; I hold my head high. I choose not to participate in negative talk, regarding myself or others.  I am impeccable with my word.  I am respected, adored, appreciated and acknowledged.  People want to be around me.  I am poised, I am loved.

My husband and I fall deeper in love each day, with one another and our son.  We model a healthy lifestyle and provide him with a loving home.  We eat a home cooked meal together most nights, have traditions like pizza Wednesday, and go to the beach frequently in the summer.  We dance in the kitchen and roll the windows down in our car, singing loudly, the warm summer breeze stroking our cheeks.  We  vacation and travel.  We show him what this world has to offer- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  He knows how good he has it, how lucky he is to have two parents and a family that loves and adores him.  He is happy, sweet and kind.  The best gift of all is that we get to see the world through his eyes. Beautiful. Refreshing. New.

We build our home- not just with brick and mortar, but with memories.  We make improvements, host Christmas, read books, cuddle during storms, sip wine and sit by the fire on crisp Autumn nights.  We laugh.  At times, we cry.

I worry less and live more.  I try new things:  kayaking, skiing, sledding, surfing, paddle boarding, etc.  So what if I fall, at least I try.

My opinion is valued.  I value others.  I listen to speak and don’t speak to listen. I remember birthdays, anniversaries, deaths.  I am someone’s somebody.  My reputation speaks for itself.  I am reliable and trusted.  I speak my mind, but do so in a way that is sophisticated, purposeful, and full of composure.

I am strong.  I use my past experience- my mother’s death, my aunt’s love, the physical and emotional abuse, the euphoria, the obstacles, the sunshine- to inspire others to do better, to be their best selves.

I am the master of my fate…

…this is the life I want to claim for myself in 2017**

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